People – WattElse, partenaire de votre stratégie énergétique
Bureau de consultance belge spécialisé en développement de projets en énergie renouvelable et en stratégie énergétique.
économie d'énergie, énergie, énergie durable, développement durable, audit, stratégie énergétique
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“Success belongs to everyone but it’s teamwork that deserves all the credit.”

Franck Piccard


Mathieu van Gehuchten


Having worked in the field of renewable energy for 12 years, Mathieu founded WattElse in 2015. An economics graduate (UCL, BE) with an MBA in Energy and Environment (Twente, NL), he is passionate about sustainable development.

His strong points: commitment, creativity, seeing the big picture.

Alexandre Ziegler

Energy Consultant

An environmental engineer, Alexandre has worked in the agrifood sector and in renewable energy. His passion is the environment and agriculture.

His strong points: curiosity, commitment.

Alexis Rasson

Energy Consultant

Civil engineer, Alexis has worked 7 years in the industrial area. Being passionate about ecology, Alexis is creating energy strategies following the needs of the customers.

His strong points : technical knowledges, optimism.

Sandrine Dewulf

Legal matters

Sandrine has been working in town and country planning, and environmental planning for the last 6 years. With a Masters in Law (UCL) and a further Masters in Environmental Law and Public Property Law (FUSL), at WattElse she concentrates on developing renewable energy projects.

Her strong points: accuracy, flexibility, pragmatism.

Sabrina Darvai

Administrative assistant

A human science graduate, Sabrina has worked at different administrative and executive secretariat in the private sector during 15 years. She joined the team in 2017 and she plays a large part in the good working of WattElse.

Her strong points: sense of responsibility, conscientious, integrity.

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