Our ambition: to promote the energy transition in order to contribute to sustainable development.

The energy transition is necessary today and is the guarantor of our future. It is a source of opportunities for organisations who decide to pay heed to it. We can help your company to benefit from this situation and will work alongside you on your energy strategy.

The projects we concentrate on aim to bring added social or environmental value while being financially profitable and technologically innovative. Our dream team will draw up a detailed dossier and transform it into simple, effective solutions for implementation. Our work is based on three key qualities: listening, expertise and seeing the big picture.

Our task

  • Helping you implement your energy strategy
  • Developing and managing your renewable energy projects

What we offer

  • A multi-disciplinary team: lawyers, engineers, financial experts, communication specialists, to provide a global approach with detailed and customised delivery
  • Independence: We are at your service, offering you impartial advice
  • A local base: WattElse is a Belgian company and member of several networks and is active in the Benelux countries and in France
  • Support: We are your long-term partner in a progressive energy transition

Our objective

  • To help you make energy savings
  • To help you reduce your carbon footprint
  • To help you make your mark regarding energy independence
  • To manage and develop your own renewable energy projects
  • To help integrate energy features in construction and renovation projects

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on!”

A. Einstein

WattElse can shed light on your current situation and help you to take the right decisions in your future renewable energy projects.