AUTO 5 Bouge is a family business that currently employs around ten people. It is active in the sale of automotive equipment as well as in all brand maintenance. To reduce the carbon footprint of their activities, the company’s managers asked WattElse to conduct an energy audit of the site.

The audit process

The Auto 5 Bouge site is composed of several entities: the shop, the mechanical workshop, the administrative offices, the storage area and the housing. The energy diagnosis covers the energy consumption of these buildings as well as those related to travel. The results of the diagnosis, shown in adjacent table, are distributed by energy vector. They highlight that 50% of consumption is devoted to electricity and are mainly used for lighting of premises. The second item in the balance sheet (42%) is wood and fuel oil used for heating. Finally, travel represents a minor place in the balance sheet.

Monitoring of electrical installations

Considering the predominant share of electricity in the energy balance of the company, WattElse decided to monitor major electric consumers for 2 months to isolate their specific consumption.

The monitoring has highlighted the predominant part of the lighting in the electrical consumptions which helped us the best measures to integrate them in the action plan of the company.

AUTO 5 Bouge commitment for 2020

Following the results of the energy diagnosis, AUTO 5 Bouge has committed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 31% by 2020, ie the avoidance of the emission of 18 tonnes of CO2 / year.

How to achieve it?

In order to define a realistic action plan, WattElse brainstormed with AUTO 5 Bouge. Thanks to this process, 37 actions were studied in different areas. 17 of them were deemed feasible and profitable and were therefore included in the action plan. Among these actions, we find the replacement of 172 old light points by LED and the installation of presence detectors in the premises, the placement of 64 photovoltaic panels on flat roof, the heating pipes insulation within the boiler room and the replacement of 4 old appliances (freezers & refrigerators) by 2 equipments labelled A +++.

The investments made under this action plan will be profitable on average in 5 years.

The importance of communication

At the end of the energy audit, WattElse drafted communication materials that summarize the results of the AUTO 5 Bouge audit and action plan. The goal is to allow AUTO 5 to communicate to its customers and staff its commitment to the climate.

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