The ambition of Menuisol

Menuisol is a family-owned business working in building carpentry. Sensitive to the energy and climate issue, she has commissioned WattElse to carry out an energy audit of their activities. Indeed, the management of Menuisol want to reduce the carbon footprint of the company.

The results of energy diagnosis

The energy diagnosis has highlighted that the energy consumption of Menuisol is equivalent to energy consumption of 5 Walloon households. 70% of their energy bill is dedicated to transport as their activities are mainly carried at their customers locations. The remaining 30% are devoted to heating and lighting of Menuisol building.

Based on this observation, Menuisol has committed to reduce its energy consumption by 29% by 2020, while cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 25 tonnes of CO2.

The action plan of Menuisol

In order to achieve their objectives, WattElse has build together with Menuisol an action plan in which a serie of measures were defined: placement of solar panels, insulation of heating pipes in the garage, replacement of a boiler oil fired by a pellet boiler, investment in LED lighting, acquisition of an electric vehicle and a low-emission utility vehicle to replace vehicles with thermal engines. Alongside these technical measures, organisational measures have been suggested, such as stopping the boiler during the summer season and setting up eco-driving within the teams.

Communicational support

At the end of the mission, WattElse has designed communication tools summerising the results of the energy audit and the action plan in order to allow Menuisol to communicate to its customers and suppliers its climate commitment.

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