On September 21st, WattElse was invited by the TWEED Cluster for their 2nd Sustainable Energy Roadshow at the Preolia Business Park in Perwez. This event, organised in partnership with the ADL of Perwez and Novallia, aimed to present sustainable energy technology solutions and their financing for SMEs in and around Perwez.


Energy auditing in SME’s

At this conference, WattElse discussed the issue of energy auditing in SMEs. We regularly see in small and medium-sized companies that energy is an expense considered as a black box, an unavoidable expense and for which the leaders pay little attention. Yet this expense can clearly be optimised if we pay a little more attention.

The aim of the energy audit is to shed light on the energy expense in the company by carrying out a diagnosis of energy consumption and by listing all energy-consuming equipments. Once the diagnosis of consumption has been made, we propose measures to reduce the energy bill of the company and ensure them a long-term control of their energy consumption. These measures are prioritised according to technical, economic and environmental criterias. The solutions studied in an audit include building heating, lighting, process and operational consumption of the company (production unit, compressed air, engines, …), renewable production and mobility.

Feasibility study

If the company wants to evaluate the feasibility of an energy saving investment, then we propose to carry out a study on the relevance of this investment. Some examples of investment that can be studied are: installation of solar panels, installation of a biomass-based cogeneration unit, relighting, insulation of buildings, electric mobility, etc. The feasibility study evaluates the technical and financial opportunity of an investment in energy efficiency or renewable energy.

The financial support of Walloon Region

The Walloon Region financially supports small and medium-sized companies wishing to engage in an energy strategy. For example, the audit and the pre-feasibility study of an energy-saving investment are funded at 60% for medium-sized companies and 70% for small businesses. This financial support makes this type of study extremely affordable and, moreover, it quickly pays for itself when investments are made.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 082/226 229.