Energy audit & monitoring

    • PEB certification for public buildings
    • Monitoring buildings and installations
    • Energy accounting
    • Energy cadastre

Real estate renovation strategy

    • Identification of improvement opportunities
    • Co-construction of the 2050 renovation scenario
    • Global or partial audit of buildings and installations
    • Investment budgeting and profitability analysis

Drafting of Special Specifications and Assistance to Project Ownership

    • Technical-economic analysis
    • Drafting of specifications and comparative analysis of offers
    • Support/management of calls for tenders and contractual negotiations
    • Site monitoring and energy performance of works

Energy transition strategy

    • Identification of technical, legal and economic constraints
    • Assessment of energy, financial and CO2 savings
    • Sizing and measurement of installations
    • Estimate of investment and operating costs
    • Feasibility study and implementation of renewable production and energy efficiency projects

Financial analysis

    • Financial modeling of the implementation of financial incentives or innovative economic models
    • Realization of a benchmark of inspiring projects
    • Financial plan and profitability analysis

Roadmap for carbon neutrality in 2050

    • Definition of the reduction target and measures to achieve it
    • Realization of baseline emission and control inventories
    • Identification of the potential for renewable production and energy saving
    • Analysis of the territory’s vulnerability to climate change
    • Action plan in collaboration with stakeholders

Renewable Energy Community

    • Identification of production sites and renewable production potential
    • Identification of consumers (analysis/development of consumption profiles)
    • Sizing of installations and development of the economic model
    • Constitution of the administrative file of the energy community and authorizations management

Low carbon communication

    • Participation in official meetings with the public and/or administrations
    • Communication plan and coordination with stakeholders
    • Popularization of messages
    • Press release

Mobility and fleet electrification

    • Inventory of the fleet
    • Definition of replacement opportunities (market research and TCO benchmarking)
    • Analysis of available surfaces to install PV solar panels and sizing
    • Determination of the terminals to be installed (technical analysis, need for meter reinforcement)
    • Investment plan and financing solutions