IDETA, Convenant of Mayor coordinator

Towns of Walloon Picardy have joined the Covenant of Mayors in which they undertake to carry out an action plan to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 and to adapt to climatic changes.

In order to pool their action, IDETA, a territorial development agency, has taken on the role of coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors to support the towns in their energy and climate actions. As such, the intercommunale organises regular working groups with the 23 towns of Walloon Picardy to offer tools and exchange best practices to support their energy transition.

Workshop on energy with Walloon towns

In this context, WattElse has been invited by IDETA during a workshop with the towns organised in the business center Negundo, building entirely passive and connected to several sources of renewable energy through a micro-grid, located in Froyennes, to present its services to support municipalities in the implementation of their energy climate plan.

Presentation of WattElse

We focused our presentation on our energy strategy consulting activities:

  • Realization of energy audit of buildings which allows to establish a diagnosis on energy performance (consumption, insulation, system of heating, ventilation and cooling, lighting, etc.) to propose quantified improvement measures with energy and financial gains. Being an auditor certified by the Walloon Region, our intervention is funded by 50% for public actors;
  • Support in development of a SECAP (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan): development of a municipal and territorial CO2 balance, co-construction of reduction measures with the town and stakeholders (citizen, politics) and communication;
  • Design and sizing of renewable production units (solar, hydropower and renewable heat): analysis of self-consumption and self-production levels, study of the technical feasibility and the financial profitability of the investment. Like the energy audit, this type of study is funded by 50% by the Walloon Region;
  • Third-party financing investor of large-scale renewable production units;
  • Communication enabling towns to disseminate their climate ambitions to the actors of their territory and to encourage behavioural changes among citizens.