In 2016, the Municipality of Thuin (Belgium) together with WattElse defined its Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) which is part of the Covenant of Mayors European Program. This year, WattElse took the opportunity to update this action plan halfway from the 2020 objectives. A press conference took place on the 26th of March with the presence of the Mayor and the municipal experts.


Here are the learnings of this study:

  • The improvements done and planned for the municipal buildings will allow to reach up to 80% of the emission reduction objectives;
  • The CHP project and the fast development of photovoltaic panels will allow to reach up to 75% of the objective of renewable energy production;
  • The emissions from the household sector represent +/-  50% of the territory emissions.  This sector must reduce its emissions by 25%. The creation in 2017 of a dedicated building for Housing and Energy will allow to raise awareness and help citizens to tackle this challenge.

New objectives have also been discussed to reach a reduction of 40% in 2030. Among those, the production of renewable energy should almost double in 10 years which implies the continuous implementation of such technologies.

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