Following its development in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy production, WattElse has just received AMURE and UREBA certifications for energy audits. AMURE accreditation addresses the private sector and concentrates on building, lighting, industrial processes & sustainable energy production (renewable, cogeneration) while UREBA accreditation adresses the public sector and concentrates on building and lighting.

The use of auditors with these approvals allows applicants to receive public support of at least 50% of the total amount.


An energy audit is an inventory of energy performance of a building and its activities (mainly industrial or tertiary sector). It makes it possible to highlight the points of improvement to save energy. The main objective is to find tangible and cost-effective measures and actions in order to decrease consumptions and CO2 emissions.

These approvals allow WattElse to serve clients that will play an important role in the energy transition through energy efficiency, self-consumption and Demand Side Management (DSM).

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