On Friday 23 November, WattElse organised a press conference and a public information meeting to launch a crowdlending campaign that aims to finance the construction of a future wind farm in Sivry-Rance (Belgium). This meeting, at which the population participated massively, was also an opportunity to present the next steps for the construction of the future wind farm as well as project stakeholders.

Presentation of the future wind park

In 2019, the town of Sivry-Rance will host a new wind project developed by EDPR Belgium, a subsidiary of EDP Renewables, with the support of WattElse responsible for project management.

This project initiated and supported by the town itself since 2009 will lead 10 years later to the construction of 4 wind turbines in the north of Grandrieu village. The new wind farm will produce 26 GWh / year, equaling the annual electricity consumption of 7,500 Walloon households and preventing the emission of nearly 12,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The crowdlending campaign

The crowdlending campaign was born after the town and EDPR agreed to allow the local population to invest in the construction of the wind farm and to benefit from the financial benefits of the project.

Through Spreds platform (https://www.spreds.com/financings/4047) which connects project sponsors and investors, citizen can subscribe to a Participatory Note that aims to finance the construction of the project. A preferential rate of 5% is proposed to inhabitants of the “Botte du Hainaut” region (Chimay, Momignies, Beaumont, FroidChapelle and Sivry-Rance), who can invest from 250 to 2000 euros. Then the call for funds will be opened at the national level with an interest rate of 4 %. The amount invested will be fully refunded after 4 years (loan term).


The town of Sivry-Rance supports the construction of the wind park

This project has been made possible thanks to the support of the town which “from the beginning marked its strong commitment to enter in the energy transition in the light of the following issues: environment, health, switch of nuclear output, increase of the share of renewable ” recalls Jean-François Galletier, Mayor of the town.

The role of WattElse

WattElse has been involved since the beginning of the project in Sivry-Rance. We have overseen development and project management assistance, which includes legal monitoring of permit, connection of wind farm to electricity grid, coordination of environmental compensation measures, contact with landowners and follow-up of upcoming site as well as implementation of crowdfunding campaign.