On June 26th, WattElse took part in a preliminary information meeting within context of presentation of a wind project in Genappe (Walloon Region), led by EE Genappe.

This meeting aimed to inform population about ambition of EE Genappe to set up 4 wind turbines along the RN25 between villages of Vieux-Genappe and Promelles in Walloon Brabant Province, and officially launch permit application procedure.

EE Genappe

EE Genappe is a Belgian subsidiary of German Eno Energy Group, a wind turbine manufacturer with extensive experience in installation of wind turbines in France and Germany in particular. EE Genappe chose to work with WattElse, which brings its local expertise in technical and regulatory aspects of project.

The wind project

The four wind turbines will have a maximal capacity of 20 MW. The machines will have a height of 150 to 160 m and will produce the equivalent of electricity consumption of 13,000 Walloon households. This project represents an investment of nearly 30 million euros.

A project consistent with the local claimate policy

It should be noted that this project is in line with municipal energy strategy. Last year, municipality of Genappe has committed through its Climate Energy Plan to reduce its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 by development of wind projects. If implemented, EE Genappe project will achieve a significant part of municipal objectives in terms of renewable production. In addition, this wind project also follows guidelines of Walloon Territorial Development Code which favors wind development along existing road infrastructures in order to limit impact of landscape and noise pollution.

The impact study

In terms of timing, public information meeting marks launch of environmental impact study that will be carried out by CSD Ingénieurs design office. The permit application is expected in spring 2019.

The role of WattElse

Until introduction of permit application, WattElse is involving on several aspects in this project :

  • Meeting of landowners located in area of windproject ;
  • Introduction of permit application for installation of a measuring mast which aims to accurately determine wind potential of area ;
  • Supervision of realization of impact study.

In addition to technical and legal aspects, WattElse also manages communication aspects of this project. Before preliminary information meeting, a press conference was organised to inform stakeholders interested by project. WattElse is also in charge of participatory dimension of this project. Indeed, EE Genappe has indicated that it is open to a citizen participation in its project. In this context, RESCOOP Wallonia, the Walloon Federation of Local Associations and Renewable Energy Cooperatives, was also present at the information meeting. These aspects will be communicated soon.