Innovation - WattElse, partner of your energy strategy and renewable energy projects
Bureau de consultance belge spécialisé en développement de projets en énergie renouvelable et en stratégie énergétique.
économie d'énergie, énergie, énergie durable, développement durable, audit, stratégie énergétique
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“Daring is the price of progress”

Victor Hugo

We invest time and money in R&D so that we can offer tools that help people to monitor, control and improve their energy consumption at home.

Just imagine a simple but fun object that allows you to control the whole of your home intuitively.  It gives you a user-friendly overview of all your domestic energy consumption at a glance.

These are the main features of the product that we are developing:

  • A communications device rather than a high-tech tool. It looks bright, useful and attractive inside your home.
  • Plug&Play sensors that users can plug in and remove whenever they want.
  • A progressive approach, starting with general information and drilling down to detailed, precise information.
  • Affordable prices thanks to reliable and inexpensive technologies (IoT).

Join our pilot project and become one of the 50 candidates selected to “experience” energy differently within your own home.

Personal data (step 1/3)

Your name
Your email address
Postal code

Your home (step 2/3)

Type of accommodation
Central heating
Do you already have a monitoring tool?
Do you have an electricity meter?
Rainwater tank
Photovoltaic panels
Solar thermal panels
Insulated house (roof or floor or walls)
Double or triple glazing
Battery (e.g. Tesla Powerwall)

Questionnaire (step 3/3)

What do you expect of your monitoring tool?
What data do you consider essential to know?
How many times per month do you want to measure your consumption?
What are you prepared to spend on a high-performance monitoring tool that will help you to reduce your annual consumption by up to 20%?
What are the main reasons why you want to participate in this project?