Certifications & subsides

Certifications & subsides

Certifications & subsides

Certifications & subsides

WattElse is recognized as an approved expert for carrying out audits or feasibility studies in public buildings and businesses. Financial aid mechanisms for businesses and the public sector make it possible to support the carrying out of energy audits or the carrying out of work following these studies.

 WattElse is UREBA approved to carry out energy audits for the public sector:

The UREBA audit is useful for carrying out studies and work aimed at improving energy performance and the rational use of energy in buildings (UREBA). the Energy Renovation Audit, can be partially financed by the RW.

  • Audit, pre-feasibility study, development of a global real estate strategy and installation of energy accounting: 75% of the study amount.

  • Different subsidies for the work: Classic UREBA reform from October 2022 – Energy site of the Public Service of Wallonia.

     WattElse is approved by “AMURE-Chèques entreprises” to carry out energy audits for the private and industrial sector:

    The AMURE audit is useful for studying the building as a whole, it brings together the analysis of HVAC systems and the building envelope (BAT), lighting (ECL), industrial processes (PI), renewable energies and cogeneration (ENR), carrying out audits and analyses), Multi-Utility Audit and Energy Renovation. It can be partially financed by the RW:

     WattElse carries out pre-feasibility studies in companies for work to improve the energy performance of a building, industrial processes or the development potential of energy projects such as heat pumps, biomass boilers, installation of PV panels or wind turbines.

    WattElse supports its industrial, private and public clients in the management of their energy renovation projects and in the budgetary and financial monitoring of their transition projects.

     WattElse supports its public clients in producing EPB certificates for private public buildings so that they display their energy performance with a view to playing an exemplary role in energy and environmental matters.