The history

The history

With several years of experience in the sustainable development and energy sector, Mathieu Van Gehuchten created the company WattElse in 2015 with a view to offering, on the Belgian market, project management services in renewable energy and energy balances for industries and the public sector.

To carry out this mission, a team of multidisciplinary experts with transversal and complementary skills in energymatters was gradually put in place in order to bring together the 4 pillars useful for optimally managing its projects: engineering, economics , legal and communication. Since its creation, WattElse has been involved with the Edora federation and its wind helpdesk as well as with the Tweed Cluster to ensure technological and regulatory monitoring and to promote the quality of its files to official authorities.

Thanks to the successes generated on high added value projects, WattElse took, in 2020, the decision to invest in its own renewable production projects in wind power, photovoltaics and storage in order to consolidate its base in the sector and to prove that projects multi-technologies make sense.

Keeping a close eye on innovative products and market practices in terms of energy transition, WattElse has gradually extended its services in its building sector (feasibility studies, audits & quickscans and Climate Plan) to the Assistance profession to Project Management for energy renovation, which completed overall support in Project Management.

Since its creation, WattElse intends to be a positive and constructive example in terms of energy transition, choosing to adopt good practices both in terms of the internal functioning of the company and the processing of our files and projects.

Seeking to continually improve, WattElse maintains healthy and lasting working relationships allowing each member of the team to improve their skills with respect and kindness, despite the increase in our workforce.

Our move to Namur in June 2023 was a significant element in our history. WattElse has chosen the electrification of its entire fleet of vehicles and the exemplary energy renovation of its own buildings, insulated and equipped with the best special techniques (heat pumps, double flow ventilation, solar panels, triple chassis glazing, electrical terminals maximizing self-consumption, etc.), all within an area of ​​heritage interest that is accessible and pleasant for the entire team.

Definitively anchored in Belgium, WattElse and its team of multidisciplinary experts are partners with renowned industrialists and public and private clients to manage their energy projects from A to Z.

We are proud of our past achievements and happy to continue working to bring our projects to fruition. We are currently working on more than 500 MW in renewable energy and numerous exemplary buildings in terms of energy (Audit, technical-economic studies, work carried out, monitoring, renewable energy communities, storage, etc.)