WattElse remains available for its customers

In the coronavirus health crisis context, the measures taken by the public authorities prompt us, like you, to adapt.

Indeed, our team is currently teleworking in order to respect the confinement measures while remaining available for our customers.

Despite the crisis, we will also do our best to keep you informed on any ongoing topics.


An unprecedented situation

Since the situation is unique and difficult to manage, it clearly questions some of our habits and way of life. Challenging isn’t it?

Following the confinement, it has been observed in multiple places that CO2 emissions have obviously been lower during the last weeks. However, the future will tell us whether our highly carboned economy will evolve with the required urgency in a more favorable and sustainable direction.


And after?

And you, what has changed in your life and what changes do you foresee for our society for the time being but more importantly for the “after coronavirus”?

To conclude this news, we can only encourage you to stay at home.

Take care good care of yourselves,
The WattElse team