What an inspiring day at the Sivry-Rance wind farm! This Tuesday, June 4, our colleagues Guillaume Fery and François Elie, in collaboration with Victor Vermorel, Florine Marchand and Kevin Annequin from EDPR, hosted an exceptional morning with a visit to the inside of a wind turbine for 4 primary school classes in the communes of Beaumont and Sivry-Rance.

Our young visitors, aged 10 to 12, showed remarkable interest in renewable energies. They were captivated by the Walloon energy context and the operation of a wind turbine.

We had the opportunity to explain to them how wind turbines transform wind into clean and sustainable energy, thus contributing to our region’s energy transition.

Their insightful questions and enthusiasm were contagious. It was a pleasure to see these young minds actively engaging in discussions about the environment and the energy future.

We are convinced that these educational experiences are crucial to raising awareness of energy and environmental challenges in the next generation .

A big thank you to our EDPR partners for this enriching collaboration and to all the teachers for their involvement.

Together, we are working towards a greener and more sustainable future.