As announced in our previous news, our team is growing and getting structured since the beginning of the year! Indeed, while Antoine Cappellen and François Elie joined WattElse in January, Johan Triquet started as Project Manager on March 29th.

Project Manager

Johan studied in Gembloux and graduated as a bio-engineer in sciences and technologies of environment. He also benefits from experience in project management through his involvement as a Project Manager in an urban agriculture design and consultancy office (Green SURF) as well as a Research Assistant within the Faculty of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech.

Versatile and rigorous, Johan completes the project management team led by Alexandre Ziegler and will therefore be involved in wind, photovoltaic or biomass projects, just like François Elie.

With the arrival of these 3 new recruits in the space of a few weeks, it has been, fors ure, a dynamic year start! Over the next few months, priority will be given to their successful long-term integration into the team while managing our various projects in an efficient and professional manner.

New recruitments?

As part of the development of the company, new recruitments could be considered but nothing has been decided at this stage yet. We have also updated our Jobs page to this purpose.

If you have or know a generalist profile with proven experience in legal assistance (ideally in the field of energy and project management), do not hesitate to contact us because it would be a major asset for the company!