The company EEF – Energie Eolienne France recently submitted a single permit application for the construction and operation of a wind farm in the municipal territory of Estinnes (Peissant). This initiative is currently subject to public inquiry until april the 5th 2024.

Last Thursday, Energie Eolienne France organized an information session for residents of the future wind farm.

This approach had two main objectives: on the one hand, to listen to the concerns of local residents and, on the other hand, to present the project in detail, in particular its location, the results of the environmental impact study and the local benefits.

This initiative aims to promote a better understanding of the project as part of the public inquiry, where citizens are invited to express their observations and complaints.

WattElse, a partner of the company for several years, contributed to the organization of this information session.

Sertius, the author of the environmental impact study, was also present to answer participants’ questions.

The project under examination has the following characteristics:

  • Six wind turbines with a height of 200 meters each,
  • Power per wind turbine of 4.2 to 6 MW,
  • Annual production estimated at 80,700 MWh,
  • Enough to supply approximately 21,000 homes annually,
  • A reduction of 34,166 tonnes of CO2 per year.

This project stands out for its innovative nature in Wallonia, in particular thanks to the planned integration of an energy storage unit (8 MWh), offering various advantages such as the reduction of the intermittency of renewable energies and support for electrical network.  

The Peissant wind farm is also part of Wallonia’s climate objectives, which aims to reach 6,200 GWh of wind production by 2030 (PACE 2030).

With an annual increase trajectory of 615 GWh to achieve this objective, the project led by Energie Eolienne France would contribute 13% of the annual objectives.