As part of the Regional Recovery Plan and the general context which tends to rationalize energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions from public buildings, WattElse had the pleasure of supporting the municipality of Ciney to audit the sports hall (Place du Roi Baudouin) and the covered market (Rue du Marché Couvert).


This mission is part of the long-term vision of the energy renovation of tertiary buildings which aims to move towards a tertiary building stock by 2040 that is energy efficient (a target of 80 kWhef/m².year is defined for their final energy consumption, all uses combined) and carbon neutral (zero annual energy balance with a need for energy provided by production from a renewable source).

The audit, carried out for each of the two buildings in accordance with the requirements of the AGW of 03/28/2013, aims to provide the following information:

  • Detailed inventory of the current energy performance of the site;
  • Study of the potential for reducing energy consumption;
  • Estimation of the site’s renewable production potential;
  • Assessment of the financial impact and prioritization of work to improve the energy performance of the building or infrastructure concerned;
  • Realization of an action plan by bouquet after brainstorming with the municipality.

At the end of these 2 audits, the municipality defined the following actions as priorities (package 1) for respectively the sports hall and the covered market :