In 2020, WattElse was commissioned by the Province of Namur to carry out a study on the greening of its vehicle fleet. This study, the results of which were transmitted last January, included a plan to replace the 90 thermal vehicles belonging to the Province with electric vehicles.

This planning includes 5 phases and extends until 2029. The criteria taken into account for this analysis were in particular the age of the vehicles, their places and frequencies of use or their CO2 emissions.

Today, we are pleased to note that the Province of Namur moves forward with the study carried out by WattElse by investing in favour of the electrification of its fleet with the replacement of ten vehicles.

We are proud to work for an organization that has integrated these issues of low-carbon mobility into its philosophy and has been ecologically committed for several years.


Market study and greening options

As part of our study and as you could see in the graph below, 5 greening options were proposed for all vehicles taking into account the various expected characteristics.

A market study was also carried out integrating among others taxes, consumption, maintenance costs as well as the residual value of the vehicles. This market study was also based on the actualised net value which measures the profitability of an investment through the addition of the discounted cash flows over the economic life of the investment after deduction of the initial investment.

If you too are interested in electrifying your fleet of vehicles, please contact us!