WattElse, a team of multidisciplinary experts that offers its customers a realistic, independent and global vision of their energy footprint and supports them in their energy transition projects.

Company vision and mission:

WattElse wishes to promote the low carbon energy transition by supporting private and public professionals in energy strategy as well as industrial project management in renewable energy. Its global approach includes:

  • Energy strategy of entities and territories
  • Analyzing and improving energy Efficiency of buildings and industrial sites
  • Proposing and managing alternative energy production industrial projects

Commitments towards our clients:

  • Independent from any solution provider
  • Contribution to the development of the Walloon economic fabric
  • Pluridisciplinary expertise and analysis of the financial, technical, legal and communicational aspects for a global approach
  • Partner in the energy transition
  • Realistic and pragmatic


This year is 10 years since the Walloon Region launched the POLLEC 1 program to encourage municipalities to sign the Covenant of Mayors. This program was followed by POLLEC 2 in 2015 and POLLEC 3 in 2016, which aimed to help municipalities and groups of Walloon municipalities to develop and implement a local Energy-Climate Policy within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. In order to reflect on the implementation of the commitments, the structure of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (PAEDC) has been established.

The PAEDC is the main tool of the municipalities which takes an inventory of the energy consumption of the different sectors as well as the potential for energy sobriety and the development of renewable energy in the territory. This document enables municipalities to set clear objectives for reducing their energy consumption and their greenhouse gas emissions.

Your mission:

Do you want to contribute concretely to the development of a summary, evaluation and communication tool based on the low-carbon approaches of our Walloon municipalities?

Since the first commitments proposed by the Walloon Region, some municipalities have indeed been proactive in the various approaches and others less so. The objective of this internship is to collect all the necessary data then to carry out a meta-analysis on all the 262 Walloon municipalities and to identify several evaluation criteria:

  • Potential for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Commitments made and means put in place
  • Evolution in relation to the objectives of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, actions implemented, monitoring of the PAEDC, etc.

This analysis will initially make it possible to situate the municipalities in relation to the objectives set in the Walloon Region. In the continuity of this analysis, it will then be a question of establishing a monitoring and communication tool for public actors highlighting the most relevant sectors and actions. This tool will also aim to help and convince our customers and prospects in the development of their energy strategy and/or their renewable energy projects.

WattElse is open to the possibility of developing a thesis or a TFE related to the theme of the internship. If the internship proves positive in terms of skills and integration, it could lead to a job offer within the company.


Your profile:

We are looking for a person who demonstrates innovation, conviction, who likes to work in a team and in a qualitative way (in accordance with the company values):

  • Student at master level in a multidisciplinary field (such as geographical sciences, bioengineering, etc.)
  • Perfect command of French both orally and in writing
  • Mastery of classic computer tools (Office, etc.) and cartographic tools (QGIS, etc.)
  • Structured approach, spirit of analysis and synthesis (data management and statistics)
  • Good communication and popularization skills
  • Sociable, curious, attentive, positive
  • Open and constructive attitude

Environment and workplaces:

  • You benefit from an environment conducive to learning and exchange
  • You join a multidisciplinary, creative, motivated and results-oriented team
  • Currently in Achêne (15 minutes from Namur) and soon in Namur (Wierde) + teleworking

How to apply?

Send your CV and your motivation letter written in French to florence@wattelse.be.