As part of the development of a wind power project in the municipality of Malmedy, a measuring mast was installed on the site so that it could collect wind data and refine the wind potential of the area.

The mast is also equipped with microphones to record the activity of bats on the site as this is a species sensitive to wind turbines.

The results of these studies will complement the incidence study and will determine whether it should be considered to bridle the wind turbine activity so that the life of bats is not impacted.

This project is developed by the company EEF sas in partnership with WattElse which is involved among others in relaying with local stakeholders and monitoring environmental and implementation studies.

As a reminder, this project was the subject of a prior public information meeting in November 2019 during which the promoters presented the installation of 6 wind turbines of maximum 180 m at the end of the blade in the forest area near the E42.

The maximum production of the 6 wind turbines is estimated at 69 GWh per year, which is equivalent to an average annual consumption of 20,000 Walloon households (based on a consumption of 3,500 kWh/year).