Last Tuesday, March 19, WattElse supported EEF in organizing the prior information meeting (RIP) relating to a preliminary wind project in the municipalities of Dinant and Hastière.

This meeting aimed to present to the population a project to install 8 wind turbines between the villages of Falmagne, Blaimont and Mesnil-Saint-Blaise, in the province of Namur. This event also marked the official launch of the permit application procedure.

Partners for several years, Energie Eolienne France (EEF) and WattElse are proud to contribute together to the energy transition by promoting local energy production and reducing CO2 emissions thanks to renewable energies.

The Falmagne project

The 8 wind turbines planned will have a maximum power of 56 MW. The machines will rise to a maximum of 230 m at the tips of the blades and will produce the equivalent of the electricity consumption of more than 35,000 Walloon households (Source: CREG data).

These wind turbines studied are being installed as an extension of the existing Mesnil-Falmagne park. This follows the recommendations of the Walloon reference framework for the installation of wind turbines which favours the extension of existing parks and the establishment of new parks near structuring infrastructures.

In terms of calendar, the RIP marks the launch of the environmental impact study which will be carried out by the Sertius design office. The permit application should be submitted in early 2025.

The role of WattElse

The WattElse multidisciplinary team intervenes at several levels throughout this project:

  • Site identification and analysis of first-order constraints;
  • Meeting and contracting with the owners and operators of the area concerned;
  • Installation of a measuring mast and determination of the wind potential of the area;
  • Supervision of the implementation of the impact study;
  • Submission of permits and legal monitoring of the file with administrations;
  • Site monitoring and commissioning of the wind farm;
  • Operation of wind turbines. In addition to the technical, financial and legal aspects.

In addition to the technical, financial and legal aspects, WattElse experts also support EEF on communication and project management aspects.