As announced in our 2020 greeting card, WattElse has committed, for each card sent, to plant a tree in Wallonia with the support of AWAF asbl.

This approach is meaningful for our company because it is consistent with our field of activity.

In addition, and for biodiversity conservation purposes, this commitment is perfectly in line with the Walloon government’s plan to plant 4,000 km of hedges and/or one million trees. An ambitious government objective involving planting on average more than 2km of hedges and/or nearly 550 trees per day for 5 years, assuming that the planting can be done in good conditions throughout the year.

In this context, the entire WattElse team made a concrete contribution to the planting of hedges in Spontin on the afternoon of March 12.

We indeed met Maxime from the AWAF asbl who explained to us and showed us how to proceed.

A moment shared between motivated colleagues!