Bottling site in Fontenaille

During the first quarter of 2021, WattElse was approached by the Duvel Moortgat family active in the brewing industry to analyze the renewable potential of its bottling site located in Fontenaille (Houffalize). The site’s energy needs are not trivial since nearly 273,000 hl of beer are bottled there each year.

Sensitive to the energy transition and having a strong social responsibility, the Duvel Moortgat group wishes, through its approach, to find solutions allowing it to minimize its energy impact and reaffirm its convictions in energy policy.

Potential analysis

After carrying out an inventory and analysis of the consumption profile of the Fontenaille site, WattElse studied the various opportunities in terms of developing renewable generation projects, particularly for wind power and photovoltaics.

A land as well as legal analysis made it possible to identify the possibility of setting up a medium-power wind project as well as a photovoltaic installation. A techno-economic analysis then made it possible to confirm the viability of said projects with relatively high self-consumption rates and a positive impact on the site’s energy footprint. 

The graph below represents the impact that these renewable production projects could have on the site’s consumption. Although having different development speeds, it is interesting to see that, in this particular case, wind and solar complement each other perfectly.

Considered scenarii

In order to leave the client the freedom to choose the most appropriate financing method, the technical and economic analysis carried out by WattElse takes into account several scenarios with different levels of risk and value capture (profitability):

Self-consumption projects

With this self-consumption service, WattElse therefore proposes to support its customers in analyzing opportunities to improve their energy impact by studying and implementing renewable generation projects.