Last week, it was under a bright sun that the elected officials of the town of Sivry had the pleasure of visiting the site of the Grandrieu wind farm at the end of construction, accompanied by the EDPR Belgium project leader and their local partner WattElse.

It was an opportunity to understand the stages of construction, to see the different parts of the wind turbines on the ground (masts, blades, rotors) and to witness the installation of the nacelle of one of the machines.

The construction of the park, consisting of 4 wind turbines and a head cabin, should be finalized in October for commissioning at the end of 2020.

As a reminder, the site is a private site and closed to the public and all security measures must be observed to enter.

The official inauguration of this wind farm should take place in fine weather in 2021 and we will for sure keep you informed!