As announced in our article dated October 22, 2019, we are now sharing with you the next steps in the construction of the Sivry-Rance wind farm.

Construction site progress

As a reminder, the works had started in February 2019 with the earthworks, the creation of accesses as well as the inter-wind connection. For reasons beyond the goodwill of WattElse and its customer EDPR Belgium, the choice of wind turbine brand had to be changed, which resulted in a temporary suspension of the construction site. The head cabin was however installed in early September 2019. Work has now resumed since last February and the arrival of the wind turbines is scheduled for June/July 2020.

In accordance with the prerogatives of the single permit and since we are now in the birds’ nesting period, a biological inventory was carried out before validating the resumption of the site. This biological inventory was carried out by the ASBL Faune et Biotope (which provides environmental monitoring of the site) and validated by the Nature and Forest Department (NFD) for follow-up.

Until wind turbines actually arrive at the start of this summer, the next highlights of this construction will focus on the foundations of future wind turbines, namely:
– installation of anchor cages
– reinforcement
– pouring of foundations

In addition, it is important to note that the planning of this construction has been adapted in accordance with the recommendations of the NFD as to allow possible broods initiated during this spring period.