A transition plan for sustainable recovery

During a month and a half, more than 100 scientists as well as 182 companies active in the ecological transition (KAYA Coalition of which WattElse is a member) studied the different ways to get Belgium out of the crisis in a sustainable way.

This intense collaborative work led to the creation of the “SOPHIA” Plan, named after the Greek goddess of wisdom. This document of more than 40 pages offers more than 200 concrete measures divided into 15 different themes (business, taxation, mobility, spatial planning, democracy, food, health, education, etc.).

A transition plan which therefore aims to be ambitious in order to build “a united, prosperous, resilient and sustainable Belgium“ and which WattElse fully supports.


Developed by the Resilience Management Group

The Resilience Management Group or RMG (this is the name of the group of scientists and entrepreneurs) explains its approach in these terms: “While the exit from the Covid-19 health crisis is beginning to be mastered, the economic crisis that we are experiencing is still in its infancy. The recent situation has shown us that the resilience of the economy is as important as its productivity and competitiveness. An ecological and social transition will avoid, delay or mitigate the effects of future crises”.

RMG members trust each other and all support the general spirit of the plan. The group is also unanimously in favor of an ambitious implementation of the “Green Deal” proposed by the European Commission, in order to achieve the objective of carbon neutrality in 2050 (balance between greenhouse gas emissions and their removal from the atmosphere).


Concrete proposals and a commitment

Although the plan is primarily intended for the Federal Government (“SOPHIA” was presented to the Prime Minister on May 14, 2010), the RMG aims, by the dissemination of this roadmap, to help the Governments (federal and regional) to take the transition path rather than finance an unsustainable recovery and/or opt for a return to “business as usual” from before the crisis.

The RMG also wants to participate in the stimulus solutions that will be concretely implemented by finding a place within the numerous working groups that are studying the issue.

Without forgetting the interior transition!

The interior transition (individual and collective) is indeed essential to implement and sustain any type of change. Reason why “SOPHIA” contains a quote from Gandhi and on which we will finish this news “Start by changing in yourself what you want to change around you“.