WattElse is currently involved in a study aimed at combining wind power production (mature technology) AND storage solutions for the produced energy (innovative technology).

Two technologies combined

Although storage is still a technology in development and its costs are starting to decrease, it is absolutely necessary in the context of our energy transition to compensate, among other things, for the intermittent production of renewable energy.

By combining these two technologies, the study therefore intends to meet 3 objectives:
1. Maximizing the potential of the wind power project
2. Paliating to the intermittence of wind power production
3. Serving the electrical network


Alternatives at study

Several alternatives are being studied for the storage part, two of which are currently selected:

1. Electrical storage via a battery system

2. Storage in the form of hydrogen. Thanks to an electrolyser, electricity produces hydrogen which can in turn be stored and then transformed into electricity, used for mobility purposes via a fuel cell or in industry as a raw material for example .


Without a doubt, an exciting and future looking topic!