Indeed, Alison Taziaux joined WattElse at the end of August as Energy Engineer and Guillaume Fery worked his first day with us on October 4th as Energy Project Manager.

Following the positive development of the company and with beautiful and ambitious projects in perspective, he is in fact our 5th recruit since the beginning of the year!

Energy Project Manager

After having successfully completed a master’s degree in geographic sciences at UCL, Guillaume first had a first professional experience in upper secondary education and then contributed to the development of optical fiber in Wallonia by working as a Telecom Designer at Proximus .

 Eager to be active in the field of energy transition, we are happy to have found in Guillaume a versatile and committed candidate to complete the project management department managed by Alexandre Ziegler.

We welcome him to the company as well as success and fulfillment in his role!


Last recruitment in progress

WattElse is also looking for an Energy Strategy Consultant.

We wish, for this position, to find a person with a technical-economic profile (Master in Management, Economic Sciences, Science and Technology or diploma as a Commercial Engineer), a professional experience of 2 to 5 years in the renewable energy sector, a real interest in issues related to the energy transition and showing an open and constructive attitude.