After Christophe Cap‘s arrival at the end of August 2019 and the one of Florence Renaut last January, WattElse is now delighted with Anne Wouters joining the team.

Civil engineer in electricity and graduated in entrepreneurship, Anne recently made the choice to redirect her career to support sustainable development, that of renewable energies as well as energy transition.

Over the last 15 years, Anne has managed various projects in order to contribute to the growth of Adessa, IT consultancy companies, across Europe. She held various positions in parallel: IT consultancy/data protection, recruitment, business development and administrative/accounting management of companies.

To meet this new challenge, Anne has started to study again and is currently following an additional master’s degree in sustainable energy management at the university of Liège. WattElse wishing to get closer to the academic world, it is with enthusiasm that we have included Anne’s academic course as part of her activities within the company.

We are convinced that these academic and professional skills are important assets that will enable her to carry out and manage the projects in favor of the energy transition that we entrust to her. In addition, through her precise and committed approach, Anne strengthens with conviction our team of passionates about sustainable development.

We wish her a lot of fulfillment in our human-sized company
and again welcome to her!