Sivry Rance Extension Project

Last Friday, a 60m tall measuring mast was installed as part of the Sivry Rance wind farm extension project. This project provides for the addition of a wind turbine to the four originally planned and which are currently under construction (see our previous article on this subject).

The Sivry Rance wind farm is a project led by EDPR Belgium, a subsidiary of EDP Renewables and for which WattElse offers its support and expertise. Indeed, WattElse supports EDPR Belgium in the development of this project from the identification of the site and will remain present at all stages of it until the operation of the wind turbines once built.

Why a measuring mast?

The main objective of installing a measurement mast of this type is to carry out an inventory of the local population of bats.

For this purpose, the mast is equipped with a listening device with 2 microphones as well as a weather station measuring among other things the speed, wind direction and humidity of the air.

Based on the collected data, it will be possible to determine whether or not it is necessary to bridle the 5th machine.

This type of limitation measures therefore aims to minimize the impact of the installation of a wind turbine on bats present locally.

Data collection and analysis

The measurement campaign is carried out by CSD Engineers, a consultancy firm specialized in the environment. The period during which the measures will be taken will extend at least between April and November 2020.

A measuring mast is therefore most useful in order to give birth to relevant projects in accordance to the nature and the environment, projects that are a the heart of what the WattElse team wants to develop.