The result of a great collaboration between the various stakeholders, the Sivry-Rance wind farm, located in the province of Hainaut, was inaugurated on September 25. Jean-François Galletier, Burgomaster of the municipality, said: “This project bringing together public and private actors has developed in a harmonious manner and with mutual respect. It is the result of a citizen’s request and is assumed entirely by the municipality “.

The project is part of a global action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the municipality, a plan that was defined with the support of WattElse and including other investments such as, for example, the renovation of public lighting (LED lighting), renovation of the heating systems of the sports hall, as well as the purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels.

The Sivry-Rance wind farm counts 4 wind turbines in agricultural areas with a total production equivalent to 7,500 households, or 12,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided per year. The project was born thanks to EDP Renewables France & Belgium, which employs 100 people united by a common passion for the environment and energy transition. EDP ​​Renewables, active for more than 15 years in the development and operation of wind and photovoltaic projects, is also already present in Wallonia with 3 other wind farms in operation (Froidchapelle, Cerfontaine and Chimay) totaling 71 MW installed.

“I would like to thank WattElse for its follow-up and this constructive partnership for many years” said Patrick Simon, CEO of EDP Renewables France & Belgium. Indeed, sustainable partners on several wind projects, EDP Renewables relies on the local expertise of WattElse and, more particularly, on the knowledge of the sector of Mathieu van Gehuchten, Director of WattElse, as well as on the skills of Alexandre Ziegler. , Responsible for the project management department, and members of his team.

The two companies are convinced that wind power has an important role to play in the energy transition of tomorrow. Like photovoltaic panels, wind power allows the production of energy more than 2 times cheaper than nuclear power covering, for example, the production of the equivalent of recharging an electric vehicle in a single blow of the blade. It is also a clean energy, knowing that 95% of the mass of wind turbines is recyclable (only the blades are not, but technologies evolve), and creates wealth and stable jobs over 30 years for the territories concerned.

Finally, we would like to thank in particular certain people for their active contribution to this project and their confidence in WattElse : Julie Vincent (General Director of the Municipal Administration of Sivry Rance), Michel Poucet (Financial Director of the Municipal Administration of Sivry Rance), François Ducarme (Alderman for Energy), Marie Claret and David Pelletier for EDP Renewables, Michel Suzan, Frank Hoting and Blandine Martin formerly at the initiative of the project (under KDE Energy Belgium), Olivier Juprelle for its audiovisual contribution, as well as local owners and farmers.