Indeed, a lot has happened since the submission in May 2021 of our permit application file for the renovation and fitting out of our future offices located in Wierde (close to Namur).

As a reminder, this ambitious project is intended to be a real showcase of good practices in terms of renewable production, energy efficiency, building envelope and electric mobility. What is more, the renovation of this building located in an area of heritage interest is proof that it is perfectly possible to restore a building while achieving very good energy performance. In view of our desire to work for sustainable development, this project therefore makes full sense! 

As explained by Mathieu Van Gehuchten, Director and Founder of the company: “We are proud to have renovated this building by offering it a high level of energy performance while respecting its heritage character. As experts in the energy transition, we are now very well-shod shoemakers! “.

The fact of giving a second life to this building which was first of all a town hall, then a town school and finally a scout room for the Wierde Unit also allows the company to anchor itself a little more in the Namur and Walloon landscape. After being taken over by a private owner more than 10 years ago, this promising building unfortunately remained abandoned and was in an advanced state of disrepair when it was acquired by the company WattElse.


Florence Renaut, Administrative & HR Manager of WattElse, is also delighted with this change: “In a few weeks, this new building will certainly be a superb flexible and perfectly adequate working environment within the framework of the company development, which we rejoice! »

An exemplary building from an energy point of view

Fruit of the reflection of the various members and experts of our multidisciplinary team, the following work has been undertaken in the recent months to make the building exemplary in terms of energy:

  • Replacement and total insulation of the roof
  • Integral insulation of the walls and floors
  • Placement of high-performance triple-glazed aluminium frames
  • Installation of a heat pump, underfloor heating and a ventilation system
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels on part of the roof
  • Installation of 5 electrical terminals for our fleet of vehicles

In addition to these works related to the energy performance of the building, there are embellishment measures such as the complete sandblasting of the facades (completed) and some exterior (re)developments (in progress).

A building in the heart of Wallonia to work on the energy deployment of our region

Our job as project manager in renewable energy and energy efficiency allows us to closely monitor the regulatory (i.e. urban planning and environmental), technical, financial and communication aspects of this specific project but also of the missions that we work on.

This long-term file is therefore a very good concretization of the good practices that we advocate and deploy with our customers in order to help them benefit from the opportunities linked to the energy transition.

The next steps

In the coming weeks, the interior finishing work will be able to begin with, among other things, the painting, the placement of the various floor coverings and the lighting fixtures.

Our move will therefore take place next May-June and we look forward to being able to welcome you to these new premises ideally located in the heart of Wallonia, close to the motorway and rail axes as well as the regional administrations.

In addition, we would like to thank some of our partners who have contributed to the implementation of this beautiful project, namely:

  • Isabelle Montaigne of the CBC and Véronique Léonard of the Sowalfin for the assistance provided within the framework of the financing,
  • The company ISEO (Mr Nicolas Jadoul, CEO) for the insulation of the entire building,
  • Our architect Alex Melange and his team,
  • The Menuisol company for the frames,
  • Georges André from AG Construct for the renovation of the roof,
  • Ms. Françoise Bovesse (Town planning – Namur) and Mr. Tanguy Auspert (Heritage Alderman) of the City of Namur for their good follow-up and good practices throughout the file.

Other stakeholders and trades are still at work. We will therefore be happy to present them in the next publication.

If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to send us an email at