As part of the Local Development Plan led by the GAL Burdinale Mehaigne, WattElse has been selected as a privileged partner to carry out audits in companies in the municipalities of Braives, Burdinne, Héron and Wanze. If the improvement actions identified during the audit are carried out, the companies also benefit from financial support for the implementation of the measures. 

The objectives of the GAL

As energy is becoming an increasingly important item of expenditure in companies’ balance sheets, the GAL has initiated a support and awareness-raising operation aimed at companies in the municipalities of Braives, Burdinne, Héron and Wanze.

The objective is to make companies aware of their energy dependence and the costs associated with it along 3 axes:

  • Energy dependence analysis : a company will only be convinced by the establishment of a rational use of energy when it has a clear vision of its energy dependence related to its activity and associated costs.
  • Establishment of a policy of Rational Use of Energy (URE) : To improve the competitiveness of companies and reduce their ecological footprint, the realization of a balance sheet of the installations and uses will then make it possible to find concrete solutions (actions aimed at reducing the amount of energy used).
  • Development of energy production systems from renewable sources : Alongside the rational use of energy, a company can also become an energy producer and invest in systems that operate using renewable energies.

The role of WattElse

Following a call for tenders and given its proven expertise in the field, WattElse was chosen to carry out different types of audits with the companies that the GAL Burdinale Mehaigne supports, namely:

  • Simplified audit: An energy quickscan of the company makes it possible to identify the main consumer items (orders of magnitude) and to suggest areas for improvement to reduce consumption and/or produce energy locally.

  • Global audit: More advanced than a simplified audit, the global audit is an in-depth analysis of the company’s energy consumption and the main consumption items. Based on this energy balance, tailor-made improvement measures are proposed. After the measures have been identified, a brainstorming meeting is organized with the company to discuss them in detail and develop an appropriate action plan. The aid available to finance investments is also identified.
  • Partial audit: The partial audit focuses on a particular aspect of the company such as, for example, the building, the process, the lighting or the renewable production. Based on this specific analysis, improvement measures are also proposed to the company.

What other advantages for companies in the context of audits ?

Since WattElse is an approved AMURE/UREBA certifier, companies that request our services can benefit from company vouchers. These checks can cover up to 75% of the amount excluding VAT of the cost of the audit with ceilings depending on the type of audit. To find out more about the conditions of access, consult the site provided for this purpose.

In addition, alongside the intervention of the Walloon Region, the GAL also proposes to reimburse part of the cost of the work carried out and paid for at the latest within 6 months from the date of receipt of the recommendations of the audit report for maximum 25% of the value of the audit.

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