Partners for more than 5 years, EDP Renewables (EDPR) and WattElse are proud to contribute together to the energy transition through the promotion of local energy production and the reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to renewable energies.

On June 21, WattElse supported EDPR in the organization of the preliminary information meeting (RIP) relating to a preliminary wind project in the municipalities of Beaumont and Sivry-Rance.

The purpose of this meeting was to present to the population a project to install a maximum of 7 wind turbines between Grandrieu and Leugnies, in the province of Hainaut. This event also marked the official launch of the permit application procedure.

EDPR in Belgium

Present for 15 years in Belgium, EDPR operates 81 MW in Wallonia, supplying more than 25,000 people with electricity and saving 6,500 tonnes of CO2. For several years, EDPR has been working with WattElse as a local partner in the development of several wind farms in Belgium, relying in particular on its technical and regulatory expertise.

A major player in the production of renewable electricity present in 26 countries, EDP Renewables is the world’s 4th largest wind and solar producer with an installed capacity of 14 GW. 

The project of Beaumont

The 7 wind turbines envisaged will total a maximum power of 42 MW. The machines will rise to a maximum of 210 m at the end of the blades and will produce the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 46,000 Walloon households (source: CWaPE data).

In terms of timing, the RIP marks the launch of the environmental impact study to be carried out by the Sertius design office. The permit application should be submitted by the end of 2023.

The role of WattElse

The multidisciplinary WattElse team is involved at several levels throughout this project:

  • meeting with the owners of the area concerned;
  • installation of a measuring mast and determination of the wind potential of the area;
  • supervision of the implementation of the impact study;
  • filing of the permit and legal follow-up of the file with the administrations;
  • site monitoring and commissioning of the wind farm.

Alongside the technical and legal aspects, WattElse experts also support EDPR on the communication aspects. At the occasion of the holding of the RIP, a press conference was organized in order to inform and involve as many stakeholders as possible.