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Self-consumption project on industrial site – Les Enrobés du Centre

On March 15, the preliminary information meeting regarding the installation of a wind turbine on the production site of Les Enrobés du Centre (LEDC) situated in Strépy-Bracquegnies took place. The purpose of this meeting was to present the preliminary project and marks the official launch of the environmental impact assessment of such a project.

This project offers industries such as LEDC the opportunity to move towards increased energy autonomy and to benefit from renewable and ultra-competitive electricity for a period of more than 20 years. LEDC will produce nearly 45% of its annual consumption and will avoid the emission of 5,016 tonnes of CO2/year thanks to this installation” Francois Elie – Project Manager WattElse. 

Wind power generation

Concerned about its environmental impact and large consumer of electricity, the company LEDC, born from the association between Wanty and TRBA, wishes to increase its energy autonomy while keeping control of the important decisions inherent in this type of complex project in many respects. 

LEDC therefore called on the multidisciplinary experts of WattElse for assistance in the development of its class 1 wind project (wind turbine with a nominal power greater than 3 MW).

A la carte and step-by-step support

The WattElse Project Management Department supports LEDC on all aspects of the project, from defining the optimal location taking into account the group’s activity, coordinating studies (environmental, technical, regulatory) to preparing the permit application file and the regulatory follow-up of the procedure.

Once the permit has been obtained, the independent experts of WattElse will also be able to ensure all the necessary coordination for the preparation of the site until the commissioning and the monitoring of operation. Through this project and in partnership with WattElse, LEDC is therefore becoming a player in the energy transition of tomorrow.


Advantages of wind power on industrial site

Wind power in an industrial zone actually has many advantages:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Diversification of energy supply
  • Efficient use of the company’s land assets
  • Emphasizes social responsibility and helps to respect sectoral constraints
  • Includes benefits outreach (for company, employees and investors)

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